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During the months of April and May, Carpenter Bees mate. These pests bore 3/8" to 1/2" perfectly round holes in wood surfaces setting up nesting sites by your eaves, soffits, fascias and wood trim. They also create damage to wood decks. They are primarily pollinators. Wasps and Hornets on the other hand are carnivorous in nature and are a natural predator of Carpenter Bees. While only female Carpenter Bees sting, it is not uncommon to have a large presence of stinging Wasps and Hornets lurking in their nests. Keep your family and pets safe from them by setting up a free consultation to discuss control of these and other unwanted pests. Call All Bugs Aside for more information at (609) 371 0038 to set up pest control service appointments. You can apply a 15% discount for these services through the end of June with mention of Website visit.

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